Ilski Investment Sp. z o.o. was established in 2002 by Dariusz Ilski, entrepreneur and investor, with the aim to integrate his activities.

The company’s main area of operations is business consulting and supporting promising ventures at initial stages of their development.

In case of larger investments, the company acts as an advisor and Polish representative of venture capital Ikenga Investment Corp. Ltd seated in Nicosia.

Our aim is to help build a fruitful strategy of a company; our commitment is our input in the future success of the company we cooperate with. Customers of Ilski Investment benefit from unlimited access to our knowledge and experience.

The consultancy services we render to our Customers cover their organisational structure, business strategy, operations management, sales strategy, marketing, financial reporting, internal audit, IT efficiency and project management. To that end, we cooperate, inter alia, with:

Secus Asset Management S.A. - in the field of corporate finance and investment banking;
ITCI Sp. z o.o. - in the field of international tax law and tax optimisation;
E-Financial S.A. - in the field of internet-based solutions.

The period for which we engage with a project differs, yet usually it is for 3-5 years. We have engaged in seven dynamically developing companies so far.