We are looking forward to doing business with you. Please send a short description of your activities and of the sector in which you operate taking into consideration your vision of development and capital needs. We guarantee a professional approach and fast decision-making process.

Stage 1: Decision on the source of financing
Before we make the decision:

We analyse your business plan
This is the first step of the decision-making process. Initial assessment allows us to decide if the venture lives up to our expectations. Thanks to our extensive experience on the field we are able to quickly assess the potential of a company.

We take a close look at the company's operations
If the initial analysis reveals that the project lives up to our expectations, we assess the company’s operations in greater detail. We meet the company’s management in order to get to know them better and discuss every aspect of the company’s development plan. If the meeting results in willingness of both parties to continue the cooperation, we perform an in-depth analysis - due diligence. The process involves talks with senior management, competitors, key customers, as well as analysis of the company’s economic operations and financial results. Optionally, the process may involve sectoral experts who support establishing development directions and help complete the business plan along with financial projections. We remain discrete throughout all stages of due diligence and we strictly observe the principle of confidentiality.

We make the decision on engaging in the given project after an in-depth analysis. The decision-making process takes on average 1 to 3 months.

Feel free to contact us to discuss a project in more detail or learn more about Ilski Investment.

Stage 2: Cooperation under an investment contract:

Signing an investment contract constitutes a basis for entering into the second stage of our cooperation. Our aim is to support the company in all aspects of its operations. We therefore remain in close contact with its representatives, yet we do not engage in its everyday operations. Cooperation within the investment process serves enhancing the value of the company and actions are taken to increase its profitability.

We offer a wide range of consultancy services, including on issues connected with devising and implementing a company development strategy, a staff management strategy, product development, marketing, technological and IT solutions, and logistics.

Stage 3: Exit

We usually engage with a company for there to five years. The decision on the date and method of exit is always taken together with the management of the company. The most frequently adopted exit method is selling the company to a sectoral investor or an IPO. We analyse each situation individually and assess which solution would be most beneficial to all company owners.

If your company is looking for an experienced advisor - contact us. Please send your projects to: