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Dariusz Ilski

An entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience. One of the founders of the largest financial intermediation company’s in the 1990s. Co-author of the leading internet portal in Poland in the business, law and finance segment. Creator of an international capital group specializing in the touchless car wash industry. Currently, the President of the Management Board of Ilski Investment sp.z o.o.

Dariusz Ilski
Dariusz Ilski

Investor – expert and real estate market participant. A practitioner who learned from his mistakes. The manager of apartment and office buildings as well as various investments located throughout the country.

Mentor – willing to share his knowledge and experience in business with others. He advises on many projects, and after work finds time for his hobbies e.g. traveling and music.

Graduate of Academy of Finance in Warsaw. Holder of the MBA diploma at the University of North West in New York.

Participant of numerous specialist courses, including in such institutions as: LIMRA International, Anthony Robbins Company, Tracy College International Poland and Business Development Institute.

Career path.

Chairman of the Board (formerly Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
Fince Holding S.A.

  • Creation of the largest network of self-service car washes in Poland, independent of fuel companies.
  • Establishment of an international capital group specializing in the touchless car wash industry.
  • Conclusion of strategic alliances with PKN Orlen and TESCO.

Member of the Board of Directors
Hydropress SE

  • Company restructuring.
  • Capital and substantive support of the prospective entity AerTech SAS based in France.

Chairman of the Board
Ilski Investment sp. z o.o.

  • Investments in entities, many of which have achieved business success (Sprint Air S.A.).
  • Consultant of international entities in the field of entering the Polish market with financial products (e.g. Superfund, ECG Austria).
  • Advice for real estate investors.

Member of the Supervisory Board (formerly Member of the Management Board)
Inwestycje.pl S.A.

  • Participation in the creation of one of the leading internet portals in Poland in the business – law – finance segment.
  • Carrying out the restructuring of the enterprise.

Chairman of the Board (later a member of the Supervisory Board)
Time Asset Management S.A.

  • Establishment of one of the leading entities in the area of Asset Management in Poland.
  • Making an entity obtain a permit to conduct brokerage activities.

Member of the Board
Sprint Air S.A.

  • Participation in the construction of the largest cargo aviation company in the CEE region.

Vice President of the Management Board
Delta Property sp. z o.o. S.K

Co-owner – Commercial Director
Insurance Agency “Life” S.C.

  • Building the largest distribution network in the country for Commercial Union Poland S.A. employing over 2,000 agents concentrated in 25 branches throughout Poland.
  • Reaching a 7% share in the entire life insurance market in Poland.
Dariusz Ilski perkusja
“Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything.” - Plato

hobbies: traveling, music.

Music motivates. Travel educates.

Music inspires, gives strength, inspires action. It also adds self-confidence and thus helps you be successful in every area of life.

Traveling is not only about going to even the most exotic places in the world. The journey requires courage, curiosity about the world and spontaneity. You come back from your journey with a completely different mindset.

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